Giuliana Maccaroni

 Giuliana Maccaroni

Giuliana Maccaroni. Graduated from the G. Rossini Conservatorium of Pesaro, where she studied Organ and organ composition with Maestro Marco Arlotti, with top marks and honours. After further study she obtained a Diploma in Harpsichord and a degree in Musicology (specialization in music library science) at the University of Cremona. In addition, she gained a Magisterial organ degree at the Conservatorium of Vicenza with Maestro Roberto Antonello.

Giuliana Maccaroni has taken courses on organ methodology and execution and interpretation in Italy and abroad with the following well-known Masters: L. Ghielmi, E. Kooiman, H. Vogel, M. Radulescu, W. Zerer, Ch. Stembridge, M.C. Alain, L. Lohmann.

Giuliana Maccaroni has been awarded two scholarships and won numerous prizes at national and international contests as follows: National organ competition “Città di Viterbo 1996” (1st prize); Sixth Competition for the best graduates from the Conservatories of Pesaro and Florence 1997 (1st prize); First Competition “Best Italian Graduates in 1996” (1st prize, and CD recording); National Organ Competition “F. Tomasin” of Perteole, Udine, 1998 (3rd prize); Twelfth National Competition of music execution “Città di Cento”, Ancient Music Section, 1998 (special prize awarded by the jury); International Organ Competition “G. Callido”, Borca di Cadore, 1999 (3rd prize); First International Organ Contest of Magadino, Switzerland, 2002 (semifinalist).

Giuliana Maccaroni has a busy curriculum, both as a soloist and in ensemble playing at important Italian and European Festivals: Belgium, Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, United States of America, Russia, Siberia, Switzerland, England, Finland, Norway.

She has made the first-ever recording of Giovanni Morandi’s Sonatas for organ four-hands for Tactus Publishing House. She also recorded, for Tactus, Rossini’s Ouvertures for organ four-hands and Atmosfere Teatrali, with Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini and Mozart’s music for organ four-hands.

Giuliana Maccaroni is the regular organist of Christ the King Church, Pesaro, with a Mascioni historical organ. In this church she is the artistic director of the international organ festival “Vespri d’organo a Cristo Re”.

She teaches Organ at the Conservatories G.B. Martini of Bologna.

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