The Facebook post read

The Facebook post read: “We were alerted by one of our fans of how THORB was being put on cheap sale without our knowledge. Many will say this is just business. But to us, THORB represents a spirit, an endeavour that many of us have been deeply passionate about over years.”The comment was accompanied by a screengrab of Football Association of Singapore’s (FAS) Facebook post promoting the jersey sales at S$10 each.

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Among those in the grazoprevir/elbasvir plus RBV arm, 55 percent were infected with chronic HCV GT1a, 36 percent with GT1b or other GT1, eight cheap nfl jerseys percent with GT4, and two percent with GT6. Overall, 35 percent had liver cirrhosis. Among the patients receiving grazoprevir/elbasvir only, three patients (3%) were reported to have virologic breakthrough or rebound and four patients (4%) were reported to have virologic relapse.

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