allow me to explain it

Behavior, allow me to explain it. It isn’t selfish. Have you ever known someone who commands huge respect from everyone by having the strength and self respect to only talk when they feel the need to and only do things when they feel like it? The reason they command respect is because people can pick up on the huge respect they have for themselves.

Being savvy entrepreneurs, the Kunas charge a fee for an assortment of services. A coconut costs $1, while a boat ride to another island is $40. If you want to photograph a Kuna woman, you will be asked for $1. After Rody initial complaint to her employer, her sister Taylor, who had worked at the restaurant, and their mother talked to the manager, but the situation was brushed off as school drama. A young girl to talk to someone, especially their manager about workplace harassment is a very big step, said Rody sister, Taylor. (the manager) to not really take it seriously is an issue in itself.

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